Barrier-Free Travel
A Nuts And Bolts Guide For Wheelers And Slow Walkers

What They’re Saying About Barrier-Free Travel

“The depth of research and painstakingly careful documentation in this book are particularly useful.”
Inside MS

“The Bible for barrier-free travel.”
Christopher Elliott

“The brass tacks of accessibility written in Candy Harrington’s straight-from-the shoulder style.”
Mouth Magazine

“It will enable most readers to feel ready and able to pack their bags and make their plans for a hassle-free vacation.”
California Coast & Ocean

“It’s a book that I will keep and continue to refer to, as I continue to travel. It makes a great resource book — I wish more CIL’s would add this to their resource library.”

“In addition to helping those in wheelchairs enjoy vacationing, Barrier Free Travel also is a handy resource for scooter-users, slow-walkers, travel agents and libraries.”
The Courier News

This book should be titled “owners manual” as nobody tells you this stuff when you end up in a wheelchair. The cruise chapter was very helpful to me. I just figured I could call up a travel agent and book a cruise with a handicapped cabin. I’m glad I read the book before I made that mistake.
Worldwide Gazetteer

Candy Harington’s Barrier-Free Travel is the classic in this field. As they say, “Don’t leave home without it!”
Suite 101

The best single resource in English on Inclusive Travel.

No other book delves into the needs of mobility impaired travelers, from special oxygen requirements to challenges in hotel rooms. An essential reference.
Midwest Book Review

It’s an absolute must-have for any traveler with mobility limitations.
ALS Society of Alberta

An important resource filled with facts about worldwide contacts, travel tips and updated information about accessible travel options.
Palaestra Magazine

A superb resource. This guide will be of enormous aid in both asking the right questions and finding the answers to them.
Quest Magazine

The inclusion of details on disability laws and rights, accessible hotel rooms, cruises, and traveling with disabled children, plus a resource guide, makes this a very beneficial book.
Library Journal

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