Barrier-Free Travel
A Nuts And Bolts Guide For Wheelers And Slow Walkers


—A Clearing in the Jungle

  1. Up, Up and Away
    Air Travel
  2. On A Wing And A Prayer
    Protecting Your Equipment
  3. Other Air Travel Issues
    Beyond Wheelchairs
  4. Getting Around on the Ground
  5. We Will Ride
    Bus Travel
  6. All Aboard
    Train Travel
  7. Finding the Right Room
  8. Taking The Kids
  9. Sailing Away
    Cruise Travel
  10. All Ashore
    Accessible Shore Excursions
  11. When Things Go Wrong
  12. Beyond the USA
  13. The Travel Agent
    Friend or Foe?
  14. Point, Click & Pack
    Shopping the Net
  15. Accessible Recreation
    A World of choices
  16. Budget Travel
    Is It Really Possible?
  17. Resources

Cover of Barrier-Free Travel

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